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Announcement 2017/2018

Retake of Histology and Embryologyu Examination will be held on 16th of February. Practical starts at 10:00 in the room no 11; MCQ starts at 11:00 in the room no 11.

LAST RETAKE of all Histology intermediate examinations will be held on 13th of February in the room no 11. General Histology - 10:00, Embryology 11:15 and Microscopic Anatomy 12:30.

All students taking the LAST RETAKE need to have permission from the Dean.

Dear Students,

Final Examination in Histology and Embryology will be held on Tuesday, 30th of January.

Practical Emanination - 10:00 am, Class Room no 11

MCQ - 11:30 am, Room no 1

Dear Students,

LAST RETAKE in General Histology, Embryology and Microscopic Anatomy will be held on 26th of January in Seminar Room. General Histology at 12:15 pm, Embryology at 13:15 pm and Microscopic Anatomy at 14:15 pm.

Dear Students

Because of upcoming intermediate examination in Anatomy, Last Retake in General Histology, Embryology and Microscopic Anatomy will be postponed to 26th of January.

Dear Students

Review seminar before GENERAL HISTOLOGY will be held on the 9th of November, at 8:30 in Seminar Room CB. According to the General Regulations presence in seminars is obligatory.

Attention for Students ED,

 Students borrowing slides as a set for either intermediate examination or final examination have to pay a deposit in amount 6 PLN/slide. For borrowing a microscope the student has to pay a deposit in amount of 150 PLN. If the slides or microscope are lost or damaged, the student will be debited with an appropriate amount. Each group has the right to borrow 1 set of slides and 1 microscope

Microscopes and slides are available in the room # 4 of the Department Histology and Embryology  9:00 am – 13:30 pm (working days only).

For 4-years program:

          I semester – 36 pieces x 6 = 216 PLN (+ 150 = 366 PLN)

         II semester – 53 pieces x 6 = 318 PLN (+ 150 = 468 PLN)

Final examination – 55 pieces x 6 = 330 PLN (+ 150 = 480 PLN)