Instruction how to fill test anwering sheet

Final examination is given in MCQ format. Answers to test questions should be given on personalized answering sheets, which are later scanned to evaluate the result of the exam. Answering sheets are handed to Students at the entrance to examination hall, and should be handled with special care. An example of computerized answering sheet is shown below:

 Click on the picture to enlarge 

Fine-point permanent marker (back or blue) should be used to fill square fields (5x5 mm) indicating answer to each question. While marking the answer, please do not cross the outline of the square! Should the answer be changed, please fill the square AND write your answer on the side (as shown). Few examples of correctly and incorrectly felt squares are demonstrated below.

Typical errors on answering sheet Click on the picture to enlarge

In case of any questions on how to fill the computerized answering sheet, please turn to Faculty who supervise the examination. Test questions are to be returned along with answering sheets at the end of the examination. Please feel free to write on the question booklet, however be aware, that these notes cannot be used to communicate your answers or questions to other students. Our Department’s policy on cheating on examinations (see: regulations section) will be rigorously  exercised.