Histology and Embryology for Dentistry

Education of students of dentistry in our Department covers 85 hours of instruction divided into:

  • lectures: 10 hours
  • seminars: 25 hours
  • practical classes: 50 hours

Announcements 2021/2022


for 1st year students of the English Dentistry Division


We would like to inform that:


1.    The exam will be held in rooms 231/1 and 233/1 at the Didactic Center building (ul. Trojdena 2a)
on 30.06.2022 at 10.15 AM.

2.    The exam test will consist of 100 single choice questions, time to take the exam will be 100 minutes and the passing grade: 60%. Results will be available immediately after the test.

3.  Students DO NOT need to register for the Exam - it is already done by Office for Quality an Innovation Teaching

4.    For any questions or problems with the operation of the examination system, please contact the Office for Quality and Innovation Teaching: Main Library building, room 209, tel. (22) 57 20 258,

5.  Students may evaluate their exam immediately after the quiz is finished. Then, if any reservations arise, students can make the complaint and flag the question of concern. Complaints are only accepted in the electronic form via the exam portal.

Dear Students,

please be informed that the stationary intermediate examination and final examination will consist of single-choice questions.

Attention!!! - Students who are absent from the class get "0" points from the weekly quiz, even if they pass it. This rule does not apply to Students who are in isolation or quarantine, as long as they present the appropriate document to their Assistant.

Recomended textbooks:

1.         Gartner L. P., Hiatt J. L., “ Textbook of Histology”, Saunders Elsevier, 5th edition, 2021

2.         Sadler T.W. ,”Medical embryology”, 2018, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 14th edition

            Sadler T.W. ,”Medical embryology”, 2015, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 13th edition

3.        Daniel J. Chiego, Jr.: “Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology”: a Clinical Approach, 2018,  Elsevier, 5th edition   Daniel J. Chiego, Jr.: “Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology”: a Clinical Approach, 2014,  Elsevier, 4th edition

Recomended additional reading:

1.        Antonio Nanci, "Ten Cate's - Oral Histology", 2017, Elsevier, 9th edition

          Antonio Nanci, "Ten Cate's - Oral Histology", 2008, Elsevier, 7th edition

Chair and Department of Histology and Embryology informs that according to the Regulations of Written Exams of WUM (art. 16) students may raise reservations to examination questions, directly after the end of the exam, not later than after leaving the examination hall.

 Reservations in written form should be handed to the members of examination commission.

Attention for Students ED,

 Students borrowing slides as a set for either intermediate examination or final examination have to pay a deposit in amount 6 PLN/slide. For borrowing a microscope the student has to pay a deposit in amount of 150 PLN. If the slides or microscope are lost or damaged, the student will be debited with an appropriate amount. Each group has the right to borrow 1 set of slides and 1 microscope

Microscopes and slides are available in the room # 10 of the Department Histology and Embryology  9:00 am – 13:30 pm (working days only).

For 5-yers program:

          I semester – 39 pieces x 6 pln = 234 PLN (+ 150 = 384 PLN)

         II semester – 40 pieces x 6 = 240 PLN (+ 150 = 390 PLN)

Final examination – 56 pieces x 6 = 336 PLN (+ 150 = 486 PLN)

150 pln = MICROSCOPE