Education of 4MD students in our Department covers 130 hours of instruction and is divided into 2 subjects:

Histology and Embryology:

  • lectures: 20 hours
  • seminars: 20 hours
  • practical classes: 60 hours


  • seminars: 10 hours
  • practical classes: 20 hours

Announcements 2017/2018

Dear Students,

RETAKE of examination in Cytophysiology will be held on 4th of September at 10 am in Seminar Room.

Dear Students,

Oral examination in Cytophysiology will be held on 28th of May at 4 pm in Seminar Room. Please remember that you need to have permission from the Dean to take examination before the Session.

Credit for classes – weekly tests.

  1. In order to get a credit for classes, the student must get at least 60% of the total number of points from all weekly tests, from the given part (general histology, embryology, microscopic anatomy).
  2. If the student did not achieve 60%, he must get credit for all the tests for the classes for which he did not get 6 points. Not getting the minimum of 60% from all the retaken tests, results in not being admitted to the intermediate/final exam.
  3. All tests needs to be retaken before intermediate examinations.

Students have only 3 days after the publication of results to check their question and answer card. Only students who missed 2 points are allowed to check their question and answer card.

Histology and Embryology (change of some textbooks)

Obligatory literature:

1.     Gartner L. P., “Textbook of Histology”, Saunders Elsevier, last ed.
2.     Sadler T. W. “Medical embryology”, last ed.

Supplementary literature:

1.     Stevens A., Lowe J. “Human Histology” 2005, Elsevier Mosby, third ed.

2.     Ross M.H., Pawlina W.  “Histology: A text and atlas”, 2011, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, sixth ed.

3.     Schoenwolf, Bleyl, Brauer, Francis-West “Larsen's Human Embryology” 5th Ed.



ED Textbooks:

Basic Course Textbooks:

Essential Cell Biology - Alberts B. at all (ed.) – Garaldscience 2013

Medical Cell Biology - Goodman S., Academic Press 2007

USMLE Rewiew:

Cell and Molecular Biology Lippincott’s ilustrated Review - Chandar N., Viselli S. - Wolters Kluwer LWW 2010

Full Text Books:

Cell Biology Karp G. - Willey 2010

Cooper G., Hausman H. (ed.) The cell – a molecular approach - Sinauer 2013

Molecular Cell Biology Albers B. et all (ed.)- Garaldscience 2014