Education of 6MD students in our Department covers 149 hours of instruction and is divided into 2 subjects:

Histology and Embryology:

  • lectures: 20 hours
  • seminars: 20 hours
  • practical classes: 60 hours

Optional course


  • lectures: 10 hours
  • seminars: 10 hours
  • practical classes: 25 hours

Announcements 2023/2024

Attention for Students ED 1st Year,

 Students borrowing slides as a set for either intermediate examination or final examination have to pay a deposit in amount 6 PLN/slide. For borrowing a microscope the student has to pay a deposit in amount of 150 PLN. If the slides or microscope are lost or damaged, the student will be debited with an appropriate amount. Each group has the right to borrow 1 set of slides and 1 microscope

Microscopes and slides are available in the room # 4 of the Department Histology and Embryology  9:00 am – 13:00 pm (working days only).

For 6-yers program:

          I semester – 36 pieces x 6 = 216 PLN (+ 150 = 366 PLN)

         II semester – 53 pieces x 6 = 318 PLN (+ 150 = 468 PLN)

Final examination – 55 pieces x 6 = 330 PLN (+ 150 = 480 PLN)

We inform that students are required to learn the material of canceled classes (due to any reason) themselves. Students will have the opportunity to see the histological slides during the next classes.

Histology and Embryology

Obligatory literature:

1.        Junqueira's Basic Histology: Text and Atlas, last edition

2.        Gartner L. P., “Textbook of Histology”, Elsevier, last edition.

3.        Sadler T. W. “Langman’s Medical Embryology”, 2015, Wolters Kluwer Health, thirteenth edition.

      Daniel J. Chiego, Jr.: “Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology”: A Clinical Approach, Elsevier 4th edition, 2014

Supplementary literature:

  1.  Stevens A., Lowe J. “Human Histology” 2005, Elsevier Mosby, third ed.
  2. Ross M.H., Pawlina W.  “Histology: A text and atlas”, 2011, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, sixth ed.
  3. Schoenwolf, Bleyl, Brauer, Francis-West “Larsen's Human Embryology” 5th Ed.
  4. Nanci A. “Ten Cate’s - Oral Histology”, 2008, Elsevier, seventh edition or newer

Cytophysiology - ED Textbooks:

Basic Course Textbooks:
    Essential Cell Biology by. Alberts at all (ed.)
    Medical Cell Biology by Goodman (ed.)
    Cell and Molecular Biology Lippincott’s illustrated Review by Chandar, Viselli
Full Text Books:
    Molecular Cell Biology by Albers et all (ed.)
    Cell Biology by Karp
    The cell – a molecular approach by Cooper, Hausman