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Education of 4MD students in our Department covers 130 hours of instruction and is divided into 2 subjects:

Histology and Embryology:

  • lectures: 20 hours
  • seminars: 20 hours
  • practical classes: 60 hours


  • seminars: 10 hours
  • practical classes: 20 hours

Announcements 2017/2018

Credit for classes – weekly tests.

  1. In order to get a credit for classes, the student must get at least 60% of the total number of points from all weekly tests, from the given part (general histology, embryology, microscopic anatomy).
  2. If the student did not achieve 60%, he must get credit for all the tests for the classes for which he did not get 6 points. Not getting the minimum of 60% from all the retaken tests, results in not being admitted to the intermediate/final exam.
  3. All tests needs to be retaken before intermediate examinations.

Students have only 3 days after the publication of results to check their question and answer card. Only students who missed 2 points are allowed to check their question and answer card.

Histology and Embryology (change of some textbooks)

Obligatory literature:

1.     Gartner L. P., “Textbook of Histology”, Saunders Elsevier, last ed.
2.     Sadler T. W. “Medical embryology”, last ed.

Supplementary literature:

1.     Stevens A., Lowe J. “Human Histology” 2005, Elsevier Mosby, third ed.

2.     Ross M.H., Pawlina W.  “Histology: A text and atlas”, 2011, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, sixth ed.

3.     Schoenwolf, Bleyl, Brauer, Francis-West “Larsen's Human Embryology” 5th Ed.



ED Textbooks:

Basic Course Textbooks:

Essential Cell Biology - Alberts B. at all (ed.) – Garaldscience 2013

Medical Cell Biology - Goodman S., Academic Press 2007

USMLE Rewiew:

Cell and Molecular Biology Lippincott’s ilustrated Review - Chandar N., Viselli S. - Wolters Kluwer LWW 2010

Full Text Books:

Cell Biology Karp G. - Willey 2010

Cooper G., Hausman H. (ed.) The cell – a molecular approach - Sinauer 2013

Molecular Cell Biology Albers B. et all (ed.)- Garaldscience 2014